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Healthcare Solutions - Fusion Integrated Healthcare Suite™

Fusion is the bonding of dictation, transcription, report distribution, speech recognition and computer aided coding technologies into a suite of products that increase productivity and improve patient care.

This integrated solution includes innovative software and hardware for your dictation, transcription, speech recognition, and coding needs.

Learn how the Fusion Integrated Healthcare Suite™ can move your healthcare organization forward.

Fusion Voice®

Fusion Voice®, the enterprise dictation solution from Dolbey, raises the bar for centralized dictation management. Fusion Voice® is scalable, reliable, feature rich and suited for any organization large or small. Dictation features include: telephone dictation, PC workstation dictation with Fusion Dictate®, dictation with most professional grade digital portable recorder with Fusion Download® and the use of many Windows Mobile enabled PDA devices loaded with Fusion Voyager® to meet the needs in dictation setting. The management software, Fusion Voice® Manager, empowers managers and administrators with the tools they need to manage transcription staff or outside contractors with skills-based routing, statistical reporting, definable security and more. Fusion Player® allows transcriptionists to playback voice files, from their pc whether onsite or at home from in a secure HIPAA ready environment.

Fusion Dictation Solutions with PACS/EMR Integration

With PACs and EMRs, physicians have greater access to digital patient information than ever before. Fusion can integrate with these systems to reduce the effort in indentifying the patient while speeding the delivery of the results to the patient’s chart. Fusion Expert® with speech recognition or Fusion Dictate® for simple dictation is made easier with this integration to clinical workstations from GE, Fuji, McKesson, Cerner, Meditech, DR, AMICAS, Eclipsys and others.  With this unique integration doctors viewing a patient chart in an EMR or a diagnostic study in PACs can simply click an icon to begin a dictation. There is no longer the need to enter patient identifiers into a dictation station or scan a barcode.

Fusion Expert® powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™

Fusion Expert® is a front end speech recognition application utilizes the industry leading Nuance SpeechMagic™ speech recognition engine. Fusion Expert® enables the user to self edit, complete and sign reports as well as send to transcription for completion if desired. Fusion Expert meets the demands of critical results reporting for radiology, cardiology or the detailed reporting required in emergency and general clinical reporting. Fusion Expert® is not just a speech recognition application; Fusion Expert is a productivity tool engineered to reduce the time it takes to generate a final report. Employ the power of this highly effective technology to reduce cost and run your department more efficiently.

Fusion Text®

Medical transcription software must perform beyond creating documents. Fusion Text® delivers with a highly productive transcription application supported by rich downstream features including electronic signature, HL-7 integration, automated distribution and detailed management reporting.

Transcriptionist’s productivity is enhanced with spell check, expander vocabularies and quick access to routines. Integrating registration and order demographics eliminates redundancy while insuring the integrity of the data as it is passed from Fusion Text to your HIS or EMR.  Flexible report distribution reduces manual effort and provides essential audit trails and logs of where and to whom patient information has been sent. Fusion Text provides you with options to print real-time or to patient floors, fax to multiple destinations by recipient preferences and email reports to ordering or attending physicians with secure encryption. Tailored to fit your needs, our years of project management and integration experience accelerate your return on investment. As your needs change, Fusion Text is scalable from single department installations to enterprise-wide muti-site deployments.

Docview™ Electronic Signature

From home, office, hospital or away, your physicians can securely and quickly access their reports in an Internet browser. Physicians can view, sign, or edit reports to speed document turnaround and increase clinical availability of the information. With configurable rules, iDocview™ meets the needs of academic facilities that require multiple signatures.

Fusion Speech® powered by Nuance’s SpeechMagic™

Without physician training, or changes in practice patterns, Fusion Speech® harnesses the power of speech recognition technology for facility-wide deployment in nearly every medical specialty. Capture dictation with Fusion Voice®, process the dictation through Fusion Speech® and boost transcription productivity in Fusion Text®. Fusion Speech® is proving every day that speech recognition is a productivity tool for transcription. The transcriptionist turns into an editor when the voice files are processed through the speech recognition engine and turned into draft documents before reaching her. The corrections made by the transcription’s fine tune the speech recognition dictionary for continued improvements in accuracy. This is speech recognition as you have always envisioned it.

Fusion CAC™ Computer Assisted Coding

As its last stop before billing, a patient’s chart is examined by a medical coder who extracts both the ICD and the CPT codes that will be billed downstream. Fusion CAC™ (Computer Aided Coding) is designed to assist with this manual process by pre-coding the chart before it is presented to the coder. The chart is highlighted with recommendations made by Fusion CAC’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. The coders then verify and process the codes through your existing 3M™, Ingenix™, TruCode™, or QuadraMed™ encoder. This process dramatically increases the speed in which your existing coding staff can process a chart.  Fusion CAC™ will help coders to do there jobs more efficiently and reduce the time from discharge to billing. By enhancing your coders’ ability to turn more charts per hour, you can dramatically improve your revenue cycle.

Fusion CAC™ also provides tools to deal with the new regulations concerning POA, MS-DRG/APR-DRG

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