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3D Printing Industries

3D Printing Industries

Three-dimensional data has become the standard in virtually every industry, from manufacturing to entertainment.

3D printing, rapid manufacturing and authoring tools and technology are ideally suited to the needs of these specialized applications.

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Learn about various industries

aerospaceDesigners and engineers for next generation aerospace products and systems must constantly innovate to create extremely complex parts and large assemblies that satisfy customer requirements, maximize performance, and meet strict safety standards. Increasing aircraft performance, boosting efficiency, reducing emissions and cost reduction all drive the need for 3D printing.

As every designer knows, there’s magic in transforming a great idea into a tangible and useful object you can hold in your hand. Architects, engineers and construction (AEC) professionals are fast discovering the myriad benefits of 3D printing, including:

  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Shortening Project Time lines
  • Lowering Costs
  • Improving Communication
  • Securing Quick Approvals

architectureFirms are discovering a new ability to print physical 3D models in hours instead of the weeks needed for handcrafting, while reducing costs and improving model accuracy.

This new capability is enabling more productive design reviews, accelerating design phases and reducing the time and money necessary to create models for review, presentation and marketing. Plus, more accurate models clarify designs for clients and officials, facilitating the approval process and ultimately resulting in more beautiful, higher-quality building designs

automotiveThe automotive market rewards design innovation that combines efficiency, reliability, and style. Think of all the specialized pieces that go into a functioning automobile—then imagine trying to find those parts for car models that don’t yet exist.

3D Printing technology rapidly reduces the time needed to build customized parts used in aerodynamic testing and preproduction prototypes, and is ideal for creating molds used to mass-produce a slew of parts used in actual production vehicles.

3D Printing machines are mostly used today to make molds for plastic trim, brackets, air intake hoses, and various “under-hood” components—commonly referred to as “black plastics”—when the time comes to mass-produce these parts via traditional injection molding.

They are also used to solve the paradox of building a preproduction prototype vehicle: How do you outfit a new vehicle with the brackets, hidden ventilation hoses, and various instrument panel components when those parts haven’t ever been manufactured? A prototype for a new air dam would take a week to create using traditional methods, but with 3D Printing, that process is cut down by more than half. This means a manufacturer can build the part, install it onto the prototype for testing in the wind tunnel, and decide whether to move forward or not – twice as quickly. A side benefit of this approach is that it gives factory workers parts to use while they learn to build the new model.

consumer3D printing has dramatically altered the product development landscape forever. Design and “print” your product concept today – place it in the hands of a customer focus group tomorrow. Communicate, collaborate and deliver superior products – each created with confidence.

From consumer electronics to home care or fashion accessories, your company thrives on the profitable revenue growth delivered through new product introductions. Topp’s Professional 3D Printers provide a full array of rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing solutions.

For on demand 3D parts our customers take advantage of Topp’s 3D Printing Services. Simply send us your STL file and we will print your parts.

dentalhe dental industry requires custom-part, single-unit production, with excellent accuracy. 3D printing technology is used to provide a number of products in the dental industry, most commonly wax patterns for fixed prosthodontics and models fabricated from intra-oral or impression scans. Popularity is gaining,however, for orthodontics and removable prosthodontics.

By implementing 3D Printing into their strategic business models, dental labs are able to save time and labor, while at the same time improving the quality and precision of dental parts they manufacture. By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, dental labs can accurately and rapidly manufacture products like crowns, bridges, stone models, and a range of orthodontic appliances for dental offices.

Save Time. Enhance Treatment Precision. With a 3D printer from Topp doing the hard work, dental labs can eliminate the bottleneck of manual modeling and allow the business to expand and grow.

educationTechnical schools, colleges and educational institutes of all kinds are increasingly turning their students on to leading edge 3D printing technologie
s through 3D Systems. Why? 3D Printing is practical and hands-on. It’s real world.

Educators depend on Topp’s 3D Printers for an affordable way to ignite the imaginations of their students. Our easy-to-learn, maintain and use high definition printers take students far beyond the theory to designing and creating three dimensional models right before their eyes. 3D Printers are indispensable tools for learning.

industrialManufacturers of industrial machinery or heavy equipment face formidable challenges in today’s competitive global market. Clients look for more complex equipment customized to specific needs, higher reliability, and compressed delivery time.

As Packaging machines become increasingly complex, designers and engineers face unique mechatronic engineering challenges. Design teams must streamline communication between mechanical systems and electrical engineering controls like never before.

A demanding economy is forcing Mold, Tool and Die makers to be even more creative while facing stiff global competition. Today’s customers insist on precision and durability, while also demanding shorter lead times and lower prices.

jewelryCreativity and imagination are central to the jewelry craft. Which is why the industry has embraced our pioneering 3D printing technologies to reduce the time and labor required in the manufacturing process. They’ve turned to our high-definition printers for an affordable, dependable and easy-to-use way to produce finely detailed jewelry patterns and models. Now, it’s easy to go from jewelry design CAD software directly to high-quality, production casting patterns or presentation models.
And, with all that manual labor a thing of the past, there is more time to create new designs …. and grow your business!

healthSuccessful medical products—from drug delivery systems to diagnostic equipment and surgical devices—advance patient care. Manufacturers of these products must create innovative approaches while working in a stringent regulatory environment. 3D printed hearing aids, orthopedic implants, visual models and surgical guides are all being produced today on 3D printers.

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