When it comes to cost savings initiatives, office printing has largely been ignored. At the same time, office printing consumes 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue. Organizations that actively manage their printing can reduce costs by an average of 20% while increasing productivity.

The Topp Managed Print Services (MPS) strategy empowers you with the ability to manage your costs. Below, you will find the many reasons companies choose to partner with Topp to manage their print output.

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Are you looking for meaningful strategies to reduce costs? The Topp-MPS strategy gives you the ability to manage and reduce office printing expenses.


Topp-MPS gives you central control over the cost of printing, allowing you to make good management decisions.


Topp-MPS helps you develop printer standards, reducing downtime and improving end user productivity.

Key Components of Our Managed Print Service Solutions

If you are like most companies, you probably have printing devices from many popular manufacturers like HP, Lexmark, Xerox or Dell. This means multiple supply vendors and multiple support contracts. The challenge is finding a company that can manage a fragmented environment.

Topp Managed Print Services is a comprehensive program to help you control and reduce office printing costs. Unlike other incomplete Managed Print Programs that only include printer cartridges and emergency service, Topp-MPS includes a comprehensive suite of services that deliver a proactive approach to keeping you productive and lowering your costs.

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We monitor your printer fleet with innovative software that enables us to respond proactively to restock supplies or provide service. It provides a real-time status of your entire printer fleet, through an intuitive web-based management console. Rich usage reporting provides useful information to make effective management decisions to optimize and update the fleet on an ongoing basis.

We can provide “Cost-Per-Page” programs that include cartridge replacement and/or Break/Fix service for less than you are spending on cartridges—today!

When a device is down, we are able to handle the problem through our help desk. If onsite support is needed, we respond within hours through a network of authorized printer service agents. Your printers stay online keeping your office productive. Ongoing service ensures that your printers will last longer, extending the lifecycle of your assets.

TBS software monitors the supply levels in each of your devices and automatically ships out a cartridge to a printer when it is running low. This ensures that your printers do not run out of supplies and reduces the cost of having a large inventory of cartridges in your facilities.

Realize the benefits of continuous improvement. The TBS program can provide regular reviews of your usage. Leveraging data from the continuous monitoring system, we work with you to identify usage trends, problem areas and potential cost savings. You benefit from continuous improvement to reduce costs and increase productivity.

With the TBS-MPS program, you can be assured that one single point of contact will manage and oversee your unique print management needs. Each TBS program is custom designed to address each end-user environment.