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We’ve been providing tailored IT solutions to businesses in NEPA for over 60 years.

Seeking peace of mind with a fail-proof IT network that stands up for your business and clients? Put an end to worries over harmful cyber threats potentially disrupting your operations and tarnishing your corporate image.

Topp Business Solutions, a top-rated managed IT service provider in Northeast Pennsylvania, is committed to comprehending your present business requirements and aspirational objectives. Leveraging this understanding, we ensure your technology infrastructure delivers optimal performance for today’s demands and is robustly prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Why you NEED managed IT Solutions for your business?

Embrace managed IT solutions as a strategic move to delegate your IT operations to seasoned professionals like us at Topp Business Solutions.

Upon engagement, we take on the helm of sustaining and steering your technological backbone, encompassing the upkeep of hardware, software, and networking components.

Our continual technical assistance, troubleshooting prowess, and timely software updates liberate your business from managing these intricate tasks internally, thereby conserving your valuable time and resources.

Our managed IT solutions are instrumental in bolstering your business’s cybersecurity stature. With our deep-rooted expertise in fortifying networks, thwarting data infringements, and promptly responding to security incidents, we ensure a secure digital environment. Our comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery services safeguard vital data and systems, providing a safety net against potential failures or calamities.

In essence, managed IT solutions offer an economical and efficient mechanism for businesses to govern their technology infrastructure, while simultaneously enhancing their security and productivity.

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Is your business experiencing IT issues?

In the fast-paced, fiercely competitive business world, staying on the forefront of digital innovation is essential and encountering unexpected or protracted downtime due to IT hiccups is no longer tolerable.

Regardless of the immense advantages that technology and digital transformation bring, businesses across all sectors and sizes often grapple with IT complexities. That’s where a resilient IT solutions provider comes into play, assuring tech support, dependable, secure, and streamlined systems.

At Topp Business Solutions, we offer uninterrupted tech support and managed IT services. We lighten your load by overseeing your everyday IT requirements, ensuring your systems always function at their best. All these services are provided for a reasonable, flat monthly charge.

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How our IT services work

IT Assessment

This process helps our team gain an in-depth understanding of your business. We assess the current IT infrastructure of your business and analyze its weaknesses before recommending a tailored IT solution to upgrade your system at optimal rates. If you don’t have a current or updated IT system, we provide advice around a suitable new IT environment and help set it up to meet your business needs.

Data Collection

Our expert team will visit your site to gather information about your current IT environment and begin the documentation process. They work their way through an extensive IT engineering checklist of discovery items and procedures, covering things such as network investigation, security assessment, backup verification, server room inspections, and policy documentation.


Once we have the foundational assessment information ready, we present it to you and define what’s needed along with our suggested IT execution roadmap. The orientation meeting includes a discussion of all findings, including our digital recommendations. It also includes the final tailoring of IT support procedures as required by your business.

Execution & Reporting

After your approval, we begin working on your custom IT plan. Whether it’s setting up a new IT infrastructure on-premises, hardware installation or delivering a Cloud-based solution, we work alongside you and in alignment with your business goals. We also provide you with regular training and updates about your IT security implementation, new system setup and more, while also monitoring your IT system round the clock.

Why choose Topp Business Solutions as your IT Solutions Provider?

Our dynamic managed IT services, utilize a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform. This continuous oversight of your IT network’s health and performance is done seamlessly, without any interruption to your team’s workflow.

Choosing a managed IT service provider like us comes with a multitude of advantages. Along with prompt resolution of IT issues, you gain access to cutting-edge technology, expertise, and pioneering solutions, all designed to enhance uptime and boost productivity.

Save money by minimizing downtime

System downtime not only impacts the productivity and profitability of a business. It can also have a damaging effect on its reputation if customers experience frustrations as a result.

Don’t waste valuable employee time with broken, slow or over-complicated technology. Our expertise will mean your system remains robust and up to date.

Proactive 24/7 support

We offer round the clock IT support in Scranton to help you troubleshoot issues faster. Improve your IT functionality, get after-hour support and access on-call technicians whenever you need them.

You can also depend on reduced system vulnerabilities and prompt the quick resolution of any tech or IT challenges that may arise during your work hours.

Regular data backups

If disaster strikes your network, you’ll want to be confident knowing that your business data is safely backed up. Otherwise, the consequences could be devastating.

Topp’s regular managed back-ups will minimize expensive downtime, ensure business continuity and mitigate reputation damage.

Strategic IT Planning

Understanding the opportunities technology offers your business is key. So, we constantly review your technology and help you plan the next steps in its evolution. By doing this, your network will be continuously improved.

We’ll offer unique and scalable IT solutions that closely align with your needs and will help your business grow.

Stabilize your network and improve performance

By allowing our expert IT team to make recommendations for appropriate network improvements, patches and updates, daily tech frustrations are reduced and downtime is minimized.

These can result in increased productivity and a better experience for both your team and customers.

Up to date cybersecurity protection

Regular managed backups, ongoing network monitoring, and strategic contingency planning – these are the steps that will enable you to have the reassurance that comes from knowing your network is monitored 24/7 by our team of cybersecurity experts.

Comprehensive monitoring & management

Topp Business Solutions manage and monitor your office technology to avoid problematic issues and minimize downtime. We also provide software updates, patches, alerts, virus protection, backups, automate redundant tasks, and much more.

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