Solutions that combine innovative technology, market expertise and award-winning service

In today’s fast paced world, the legal community needs solutions that combine innovative technology, market expertise and award-winning service. Our offerings include electronic recording for courts, law firms and sole practitioners – from handheld portables, mobile applications and centralized platforms to multi-channel digital court recording solutions.

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FTR Gold lets you capture and manage the record using the latest digital audio and video technology, wherever you are. From no-fail recording, easy annotation, advanced warehousing, security and access, you’ll have everything you need to transform your courtroom operations.

Now, the new and refined FTR Gold family of products present a rich, expanded feature set that deliver all the functionality courts need to capture and manage the record of proceedings, both now and well into the future.

Hear (and see) the record with clarity
When you are making decisions that impact someone’s livelihood or freedom, you have to be certain. FTR Gold helps you catch every word with its class-leading HD audio and video digital court recording capabilities.

Keep the record in check
Ensure the record is appropriately managed by implementing practical safeguards your whole operation can use.

Take notes with ease
Flag important events, create quick notes and insert time stamps for information such as participants/appearances, spellings and key terminology.

Remote Control in High Defintion
Monitor and control one or more recording environments from a single PC on your Local Area Network. Start, stop and play back multiple courtrooms—without stepping foot in court.