Track what’s going on and where, in real time.

Our cost recovery and print security solutions are simple applications that provide an organization with the ability to take control of and deeply manage their MFPs and printers in real time. Designed for print fleets of any size, our cost recovery solutions have the versatility to support all major operating systems and MFP/printer brands. The embedded software works directly from the MFP or printer control panel allowing you to track all activity for all users in just moments.

Easily monitor and report usage by device and user, track internal & external expenses for chargeback, enforce print rules, redirect print jobs to maximize savings, integrate into other business applications and decrease waste and carbon footprint.

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How do you change print behavior?

With our cost recovery solutions, you can set up authentication controls at every device. Require Users to enter a passcode or swipe an ID or proximity card to gain access to print controls. You can also assign rules to specific users or workgroups. For example, route all black-and-white print jobs to the most affordable high-volume printer. Set quotas for color printing or default print output to duplex.

Add to your workflow, not your workday

You’ve already invested in MFP and printer hardware along with network infrastructure. Our cost recovery solutions works with multiple brands, and you can integrate the software seamlessly across platforms in Windows, Linux, Novell and even all-Macintosh environments.

Find-me printing / secure print release

Our cost recovery solutions also have the added benefit of protecting your confidential documents and vastly reducing the volume of unclaimed printouts. With Find-Me printing, print jobs are sent to a virtual queue from any network connected workstation (PC, Mac, Mobile device, tablet), and then released for printing on any supported MFP or printer. With the availability of Web Print, users are able to upload their documents to the virtual queue through a secure site from anywhere and release their jobs from any supported MFP or printer. Secure Print Release adds another layer of protection by requiring user authentication, either by swiping a card or entering an account code to release and collect sensitive documents. It also enables authorization of print jobs, prior to release, by key personnel such as managers, teachers, sys admins, etc. With the addition of requiring users to authentication copying and scanning are able to be integrated into the authentication process making tracking of users easier, along with where they can scan to more secure.


Cost Recovery


Encourage responsible printing with quotas and print policies— cutting paper, toner costs and power usage.


Bill-back, recover, and reduce costs with both external print clients as well as internal users/departments.


Understand who is printing what and when, in your business.


Control copying/printing and route jobs according to policies that encourage or enforce appropriate access and use of your device fleet.


Leverage the lower cost per page on your MFPs, by auto-redirecting print jobs away from more costly desktop printers.


Software design and architecture provides scalability for networks of all sizes, regardless of the number of servers or end users.


Print Security

Security Solutions for your MFPs

Whether the risk level is Low, Medium or High, we have you covered

  • User Codes and/or LDAP Authentication
  • Individual and Group Permissions
  • Secure Print and Enhanced Lock Print
  • Network Port Security
  • 128-bit Encryption over SSL /HTTPS
  • Windows Authentication
  • Card Authentication Package
  • IPv6
  • Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS)
  • RAM-based Security
  • SmartDeviceMonitor
  • HDD and Data Encryption
  • PDF Password Encryption
  • Web Image Monitor
  • Web SmartDeviceMonitor