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Papercut MF

PaperCut™ MF

There’s always something happening on campus. Find out what’s going on and where, including:

  • system status
  • print activity
  • environmental impact and more.

The embedded software works directly from the MFP or printer control panel, so you can track all activity for all users in only moments. Use the intuitive controls to run reports, assign print rules and add new users.


Want to change print behavior patterns?

With PaperCut MF, you can set up authentication controls at every device. Users can access print controls only after entering a passcode or swiping an ID or proximity card. You can also assign rules to specific users or workgroups. For example, route all black-and-white print jobs to the most affordable high-volume printer. Set quotas for color printing. Or, have faculty use default duplex printing.

Print from anywhere

Today’s student can study anywhere — now they can print from anywhere, too. With web-based driverless printing, users can print from smartphones or tablets using their choice of wireless print applications, so they can complete their work conveniently — and you can monitor it just as easily. Place all print jobs in a global queue, and release them only after the user authenticates at the most convenient connected output device.

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Add to your workflow, not your workday

You’ve already invested in MFP and printer hardware along with network infrastructure. PaperCut MF works with multiple brands, and you can integrate the software seamlessly across platforms in Windows, Linux, Novell and even all-Macintosh environments.

Control payments

With authentication controls, you can assign chargebacks to students and faculty via an online web cashier feature. Or, you can connect to third-party payment gateways like PayPal and Authorize.Net. A set of web tools lets end users track their own activity in real-time, query their account balances, and view their transactions — without help from administrators.

Visit the PaperCut™ MF OEM website.

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