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Our Awards

Whether you are a new Topp Business Solutions customer, a longtime client or you’re looking for a strategic partner, these awards illustrate a critical point: All providers are not the same. We believe these awards show that different companies achieve different levels of customer’s satisfaction. If customer satisfaction is important to you, it matters which partner you choose. For over fifty years Topp Business Solutions has been a “Best in Class” performer.

Lanier “FIVE STAR” Dealer Award

The Document Solutions and Services Division of Topp Business Solutions has been named a “FIVE STAR” dealer. This prestigious Lanier award recognizes commitment to excel in advanced sales training and service support of a variety of document management products. With this achievement, Topp Business Solutions is leading the industry with a portfolio of solutions allowing you to transform paper documents into information that easily integrates into existing workflows to measurably improve document workflow efficiencies. Topp Business Solutions is committed to creating a “document-centric” customer value that will revolutionize how individuals and businesses use digital and paper-based information.

Lanier “Pro-Tech Award”

“Lanier is proud to recognize Topp Business Solutions as an elite recipient of the Pro-Tech award.”

This award indicates an exceptional commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Very few dealers are able to achieve this honor, although hundreds have participated. Without a doubt, “Their achievement is proof of their organizations’ loyalty to customer service and support, an increasingly vital factor in these highly critical times.”

Lanier “Advisory Council Member”

Paul Falzett, CEO of Topp Business Solutions was recognized as an “Advisory Council Member” for the past ten years. Lanier’s Advisory Council program is a way for the company to recognize and reward independent dealers for excellent performance and unparalleled dedication in helping Lanier achieve its own business goals. Membership in the Advisory Council is earned by dealer on a yearly basis by showing their commitment to the dealer distribution channel, along with their entire knowledge of the office industry business.

Topp Business Solutions Elite Dealer

Canon “Golden Eagle Award”

Topp Business Solutions has received the prestigious “Golden Eagle Award”. For many years Canon has presented the Golden Eagle Award for outstanding sales performance to its elite dealers. Since 1983 Topp Business Solutions has earned this award numerous times.

In 2001 Canon discontinued the Golden Eagle program and replaced it with the “Top Dealer” recognition program. Topp Business Solutions continues to earn this coveted award.

Dolbey “Top Performance Award”

Dolbey has awarded Topp Business Solutions their “Top Dealer Performance” Award for sales, installation and support of Philips’ SpeechMagic Speech Recognition software. Topp Business Solutions has consistently performed at the highest performance and customer satisfaction levels during their 15 year relationship with Dolbey.

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